The Via Francigena From Viterbo to Rome

The Via Francigena

From Viterbo to Rome

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Starts from Viterbo and ends in Civitas Vaticana - Città del Vaticano. It is 69.7 ml long and can be travel in 5 days. Intermediate Hike Tour, good fitness required

Map of From Viterbo to Rome

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The stages of From Viterbo to Rome

      stage 1 Viterbo to Vetralla

      • 13.3 ml
      • 5:30 h

      Starts from Viterbo and ends in Vetralla. It is 13.3 ml long and can be travel in 5:30 h. Intermediate Hike, good fitness required

      stage 2 Vetralla to Sutri

      • 14.5 ml
      • 5:55 h

      Starts from Vetralla and ends in Sutri. It is 14.5 ml long and can be travel in 5:55 h. Intermediate Hike, good fitness required

      stage 3 Sutri to Campagnano di Roma

      • 15.2 ml
      • 5:45 h

      Starts from Sutri and ends in Campagnano di Roma. It is 15.2 ml long and can be travel in 5:45 h. Intermediate Hike, good fitness required

      stage 4 Campagnano di Roma to La Storta

      • 13.4 ml
      • 5:20 h

      Starts from Campagnano di Roma and ends in La Storta. It is 13.4 ml long and can be travel in 5:20 h. Easy Trail, great for any fitness level.

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